A Good Starting Point

What are you teaching your child when it comes to matters of money? Too few parents are showing their kids the principals of making money. Our first book is the story of how I introduced my son to the concept of entrepreneurship. This real life story shows where we started and how you can too. 

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 The Treasure Tracker

There's nothing more important to the financial future of your child than to learn how to keep track of their money, and this short guide was designed to help you accomplish that!

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 Business & Investing

A short two page story accompanied by four simple teaching tools designed to help kids understand the basics of business, investing, and the different kinds of income.

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Games, from the team at Proactive Parent Online

4 fun business-themed games that any family can play. The focus of these games is to introduce a child to the concepts of negotiation, accounting, product development, and marketing.

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